Wood Soft Colour Pencils

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Colours always cheer people up, stimulate their creativity and imagination. People colour in their leisure time for stress-releasing, abundant colours brighten your works and life and bring colouring much fun. This colouring pencil set is a perfect gift for family and friends.


This art set features vibrant colours in an incredible range, including white pencil and skin tone coloured pencils. No matter whether you’re just learning how to draw, or have been at it for years, drawing supplies will fuel your creativity.

Each pencil inside is equipped with high-quality cores. The silky-smooth, velvety soft pencil leads lay down lots of vivid colours, the coloured core is highly pigmented, perfect for colouring, drawing etc. Soft break-resistant cores produce an incredible tone, perfect for blending and layering multiple colours.

The colour pencil is made of high-quality basswood, which is very easy to sharpen. Each pencil body has a unique number and colour name for easy colour identification.



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