Watercolour Gouache Paint

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Designed for students, artists and professionals alike, these flat and flat shader brushes are perfect for shading, blending, dry brushing and creating coverage with your favourite painting mediums like acrylic, oil paint, watercolour, gouache, tempera, ink, enamel and etc. Suitable for art, miniature, scale model, face and body painting.

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Ensures smooth flow of paint, easy cleanup, sable-like spring back, holding its shape and snapping back to shape when bent gently. These flat brushes can apply broad strokes or a fine line when used on the edge.

Ferrules are nickel-plated copper, seamless double-crimped to the handle. They won’t wobble, shed or break in mid-project. A long wooden handle in striking red-brown provides easy control and manageability. Brush total length (including hair tip, ferrule and handle) ranges from.


  • Material: handle plastic, brush nylon
  • Product colour: transparent colour
  • Size: about 164 x 18 mm


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