Utility Knife


Open the lid at the bottom of the hilt, there’s a concealed space used to store spare blades, always be prepared for heavy-duty. Auto-lock design can help you to push out and retract the razor smoothly.

18 mm knife 10 blades25 mm knife 10 blades9 mm art knife9 mm Knife 10 bladesAlloy knife 10 bladesHeavy duty art knife
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Wide and replaceable 18 mm razor blade made of hard steel, easy to cut box, rope, cable ties, you’ll enjoy the shape and reliable blades.

Much safer than a common plastic knife, we optimized our high-strength handle with tough rubbery to keep it stable and comfortable.

Extra Snap off blades, therefore it’ll be a much lower cost than buying 12 new knives, pay less enjoy more.


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