Tape Measuring Ruler


You can put it in a purse or pocket, the plastic tape is small and won’t occupy any space. It can be used to measure clothes, your height, check up the waistline when you are on a diet, record the head circumference of babies, your body measures.

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The measuring tape is made of non-stretch fibreglass material, which is durable and wear-resistant. With a portable handy plastic case outside, the inside flexible vinyl tape measure. In length, which totally meets your requirements for measure stuff.

The fantastic feature of the is the design that you can retract the long ruler with only 1 press on the button of the plastic case. It goes back inside automatically.

There is Inch calibration clearly printed on one side, and Centimeter calibration on the other side, both for your convenience. The scales are definitely accurate.

Compared with some low-quality tapes, have large clear marks to match with the red calibration and high contrast background. The tape measure is widely used in daily life. Tailors use it too.


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