Strawberry Shape Solid Glue Stick


The washable glue stick is perfect for school projects as well as home arts, crafts, scrapbooks, book covers, home improvement works and also can be very suitably used for the purpose of drawing, glueing, outlining, writing for both the kids as well as the adults.



Jumbo washable glue stick is available in the appropriate size of the bottle. The glue stick is just perfect to suit its purpose of use and comes with a very strong binding glue, it does not give any of the users even a single chance to complain.

This glue stick is specially formulated by the manufacturers so that it can be easily washed. In an addition to this, the glitter glue is acid-free and latex-free in nature, and hence it is absolutely safe for use for both kids as well as adults.

The glue stick is beautifully packed in a stick shape by the manufacturers so that it is easy to apply the glue. Moreover, the glue stick comes with a very good grip, thereby making it easier to apply the glue at the time of need.


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