Stainless Steel Spatula


These stainless steel palette knives with smooth surfaces are easy to clean, not need to spend much time washing out. Prepare a keg of water next to you while you are painting, you can wash the palette knife and continue to use it. After finishing the painting, if the pigment became hardened, you can soak for about 10 minutes with hot water first. Then pigment would become softened. Finally, wash them under the water tap and dry with a cloth.

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Pieces palette knives in different styles and shapes, made of the grip handle and stainless steel blade, not easy to rust or corrode, not easy to break or deform, durable to serve you for a long time. These palette knife tools can be widely applied for spreading, smoothing, smudging, scratching, mixing, pre-mixing paint for watercolour, oil, acrylic painting, nail, body, face painting, miniature, model, craft, rock painting.

The oil painting mixing scraper is designed with an ABS plastic handle, it is ergonomic and feels good, making your painting more fluent, your hands will not be scratched easily, beautiful design and long enough for comfortable holding, not easy to slip off. There is a curved bar to connect the knife head and handle for a long time use.

These stainless steel palette knives have straight blades to easily load and apply paint. Fine workmanship, metal tightly, to avoid the fingers touch the screen and to prevent the blade lose or fall when you are painting. The blades have a moderate degree of curvature, so they will be firm under light pressure and slightly curved under heavy pressure.


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