Square Palette


It’s made of high quality, sturdy, durable premium material. Palettes have the advantages of the firm, and durable structure, and break-resistant, with a smooth surface for easy cleaning.

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The paint palette is small and lightweight enough for painters to hold in their hands. Great for children! Washes and wash it off quickly after painting. This shape paint palette pallet with a unique design of curved thumb hole, which is comfortable and lightweight enough to grasp for long periods.

It is suitable for both left-hand and right-hand use. Hole edge polished for comfortable and easy grasp which makes it easy to hold for long periods. A must-have kit for art paints.

Palette is easy to clean whether the paint is dry or wet, the difficult problem of pigment cleaning is avoided. The surface is smooth and non-porous to prevent the absorption of oils from the paint and makes it a breeze to clean.


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