Special Eraser For Erasable Gel Pen


This kneaded eraser is made without harsh chemicals for your peace of mind – because you would rather choose what’s Eco-Friendly good for the earth and for your loved ones. Quite an eraser shape, you will fall in love with this pencil eraser.

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There is a concavity in the spiral shape of this drawing eraser, which is beneficial to fix your finger while using it to wipe. Erases cleanly and feel Comfortable. 4 of these shapes are fit comfortably in your hand.

Pack of High light erasers for sketching pencils eraser and graphite pencils eraser with triangular, elliptic, and rhombic and pebble shape. The fact that these come in great different shapes is so super helpful. You can get the smallest details, while not compromising the rest of the image.

For this sketch, the eraser can wipe any thin line or board lines. They’re clean, erase easily great for highlighting graphite art.


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