Solid Watercolour Paint


The lightweight mint tin box is stylish and ergonomic, also the perfect gift for all art-loving students, artists, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Best gift for Children, Mothers day, Valentine’s Day, Gift for family.

12 colour18 colour24 colour36 colour


Your watercolour art comes to life in vibrant colours with high-quality art materials, designed for both beginners and professional artists. Brilliant and bright watercolours with the addition of neon and metallic colours are completely water-soluble and have high-quality pigments. Ideal for colouring books, business cards, art diaries, sketching, bullet journaling, lettering and creating your own artwork on the watercolour pad,сard making, art journaling, sketching and more.

This is the most Portable and Convenient watercolour kit you can find. The watercolour travel set comes with everything you need to create watercolour art at home or on the go. Create your artwork anywhere with this beautiful travel watercolour kit, from the studio to the seaside, park, porch, back yard and garden.


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