Soft Ruler


Clear rulers are suitable for all types of use. It can be specially used at school, home, office, or classroom. drawing straight lines or irregular surface items to make accurate measurements.

15 cm Al-alloy Pink15 cm Al-Alloy SilverSoft 15 cm 3 PcsSoft 15 cm Set BlueSoft 15 cm Set PinkSoft 18 cm SetSoft 20 cm 3 PcsSoft 20 cm Set BlueSoft 30 cm 3 PcsSoft MIX 3 PcsSoft Wave 15 cm 3 pcsSoft Wave 15 cm SetSoft Wave 20 cm 3 Pcs
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The ruler is with centimetres and inches and has a basic American measurement standard.

The ruler is full of different colours. It can attract the student’s attention and they will like it when he or she sees it. It’s a very cute ruler.

The school ruler is made of durable, soft plastic, can be folded in many times and doesn’t leave any creases. Besides, it’s lightweight and easy to carry, a perfect option for students.

The rainbow colour rulers bulk will be outstanding among so many different or dull colours, making them like to use it. They are perfect gifts for them.


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