Set Watercolour Paint


Simply touch a moistened watercolour brush to the paint cake to lift some colour pigment. Watercolour paints for kids allow them to experiment with colour by blending the paint set watercolours. When done rinse the washable paints from the brushes and replace the lid.

12 colours Blue12 colours Pink12 colours White18 colours Blue18 colours Pink18 colours White


Paint Set for Kids was designed with rich and vibrant colours that paint on smoothly and give kids a chance to safely explore painting as an art medium.

Created a watercolour paint set for kids that is non-toxic and simple to clean up – all paint will easily come up from any surface with a bit of warm water and mild soap.

This watercolour set comes with everything your kids need to get started – a brush, a mixing palette lid, and beautiful hues to choose from.


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