Scissors Portable Cute


The red scissors have four holes that allow the parents to teach their children how to hold the scissors correctly. The scissors use spring lever design can help the child automatically open to prepare for paper cutting and cutting back automatically.

Big 18 cmRandom OneSmall 16 cm


These children scissors are made of durable, anti-rust and wear-resistant stainless steel blades. Smooth blades offer good performance for cutting paper. And blunt-tip design to keep the children stay away from injury.

Soft-grip cushioned handles have a non-slip surface on the finger loops for right handle use, which provides more comfortable use and reduce finger fatigue.

Preschool training scissors are ideal for children use in the classroom, office and at home. They can be used to trim photos, yarns and colour paper. They are a DIY must-have and give your kids a passion for cutting.


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