Professional Paints Gouache


This set is safe and suitable for artists at all levels.

BlackBurnt BrownCinnabarCrimsonCyanDawnEmeraldGoldHead CyanHead GreenMale YellowOcherPhthalocyanine BluePorcelain CyanPurpleRedRougeStone YellowThree CyanThree GreenTitanium WhiteUltramarineVine YellowZhu Xuanse


Gouache paint has a high level of pigment content, which gives artists the opportunity to blend their own colour mixes.

The opacity of professional gouache paint lends itself to layering beautifully. Formulated our paint set so that a little bit goes a long way.

It’s important to us that all of the products, including our artist gouache set, is completely toxin-free.


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