Precision Cutter For Paper


Always worried about losing the cap? No more! Built-in a retractable blade system that will pull it back to its body. Easy to use, the knife is the perfect precision fine point tool for modelling, crafting, industrial cutting and car wrappings. Get the best out of your work with the perfect cutting angle including 45 and 60 degrees.

1 pc 9 mm Cutter2 pcs 9 mm Cutter50 pcs 9 mm Blades
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Created the new utility precision knife to be the most lightweight and precise tool when it comes to steady, accurate cuts. Sharp and ergonomic will allow you to cut paper, foil, leather, cardboard, softwood, rubber, vinyl, PVC, plastic and many more.

No more hassle and rolling on the table. With an ergonomic body and innovative flat design, the Nova cutter will stay still on your work desk.

Finish your work in time by focusing on an accurate cut. The knife allows you to easily replace the blade with a new one as it is compatible with the very popular #11 fine point blade.


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