Plastic Pencil Sharpener


The hand-held pencil sharpener is practical and beautiful stationery for schools, offices and homes. This is the proper gift for students to make homework enjoyable. It is also suitable for office work with daily use.

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The inner of the sharpener is made of durable and lightweight plastic, and the edge is made of sharp metal, which can cut the pencil quickly without damaging the pencil. It can easily sharpen the pencil and save time.

A manual sharpener with a plastic lid and box to protect the part where the pencil is stored, safely protect your fingers, and you don’t need to worry about messing up the workbench. The pencil sharpener is easy to use and easy to clean, just take out the garbage and convenient to use.

Pencil sharpeners are suitable for shaving large or small diameter pencils and crayons. These pencil sharpeners can solve problems for you and provide you with convenient and efficient tools.



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