Planner Stickers


Sticky notes adhere to fridges walls, laptops glass, wood, metal, wall, blackboard, door, computer, refrigerator and almost all other smooth surfaces, and actually printed note that is more effective as a reminder than those on a PC or phone, suitable for office, school and home use.



Strong adhesive, unique adhesive reliably sticks and re sticks. 80 gsm sturdy stickies don’t tear apart, curl up or spill ink. Easy to use and strip, keeping your text straight and helping you quickly record and annotate.

Cute sticky notes are available in a wide range of colours for any preference or colour-coding need, including rose red, pink, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple (include 8 Bright colours), which can make you organize categories by colour effectively and find your own messages easily.

These sticky notes use high quality and premium thick paper to avoid the ink feathering and see-page, thicker page than other sticky notes you can get a better writing experience and is suitable for most pen types, such as ballpoint pens, brush pens, fine liner pens, glitter pens and so on.


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