Pigment Solid Watercolor Paints


This is a perfect gift for professional artists, watercolour painters, beginners and paint lovers.

12 colours24 colours36 colours48 colours


The watercolour pigment is vibrant and delicate, long-lasting watercolours in colours, easy to blend colours, quick to dry, resistant to fading and discolouration. let bulk watercolour paints enhance your creative experience, use for your impressionistic landscape, colouring, drawing and other art paintings.

Watercolour paints with rich pigmentation and superior blending capabilities, best for any creativity. This watercolour paint travel set is suitable for art paintings to create your own individual design. Great for hobbyists and professional painters of all skill levels, easy to use.

  • Convenient hand iron colour box to prevent the paint box from slipping and knocking.
  • Pigments are made through a concentration process, reducing space and increasing the amount of use.
  • High colour saturation without excessive colour adjustment.


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