Paper Cutter

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Durable stainless steel blades enable high-density steel that makes it 3 times harder than normal stainless steel and is smoother cutting.



Great for cutting burlap, paper, card stock, cardboard, wrapping paper, light line, fabric, tape, photos, coupons, and opening boxes, packaging. Surprised for sewing, tailoring, quilting, dressmaking, cutting patterns, cutting quilting, vinyl, leather, and making face masks. Exceptional scissors for multiple uses in various rooms, in the handicraft workshop, bathroom, sewing room, laundry room, craft room, at the office, great for most regular household tasks.

They strongly allow you to make precise cuts with great control as the blade has the perfect amount of friction, which is very comfortable to use. Pairs of straight handled scissors for smooth, efficient cutting scissors for general use. Suitable for teachers’ middle, high school classroom supplies.


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