Palette For Oil Paints


Watercolour paint palette can be folded into a delicate and compact unit, you can put watercolour paint into the storage bag we provide, metal box with lid is easy for you to carry around even for travelling, and there is a small ring on the bottom, to avoid dropping when outside.

Miss - 52 - BlueMiss 20 - Card SlotMiss 24 - BlueMiss 24 - ColorfulMiss 24 - GreenMiss 24 - MixMiss 24 - PinkMiss 24 - Planetmiss 24 - RedMiss 24 - YellowMiss 24-Light BlueMiss 26 - BlackMiss 26 - BlueMiss 26 - ColorfulMiss 26 - GreenMiss 26 - Light BlueMiss 26 - PurplrMiss 26 - RedMiss 26 - Sky BlueMiss 44 - Light BlueMiss-52 - ColorfullMiss-52 - Light BlueMiss-52 - LightpinkMiss-52 - Sky Blue


Made of watercolour tin box is made of metal material with the enamelled surface, sturdy and durable for you to use, and painting palette is also reusable, you can clean watercolour paint palette easily after a period of time use, and the pans allow you to re-arrange your colour order according to your need, convenient to use.

Empty for you to add colours palette paint case with lid and watercolour pans are empty, so you can add different colours of paints to the box and pans, just according to your preference, multiple half pans will be an ideal place for you to store your favourite colours in one place, just fill the pans with tube watercolours.


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