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This set of art paint brushes is very easy to clean and reshape, the brush nylon hairs stay soft and flexible after cleaning, and they don’t fall apart after cleaning too. Can be easily clean up with soapy warm water and reshaped with your fingers. Air-dry the small paintbrushes and store them in the carrying container in a tip-top position for a long time of use. Great gift idea for kids, teens, students, beginners, amateurs, professionals and painters of all levels.

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This fine-tipped set works in all mediums, including acrylic, watercolour, enamel, oil, cel-vinyl and gouache paints. The assortment of art brushes gives you the right brush for painting jobs, perfect for wildlife, botanical, portraiture, doll, war hammer 40 K, D & D miniatures and paint by numbers, as well as body, nail and face painting. The brush bristles are soft enough for children’s delicate skin, and durable enough to paint on the rock, model, ceramic, leather.

These acrylic paint brushes are designed with durable anti-shedding bristles, anti-rust nickel ferrules, and sturdy wooden handles. The synthetic nylon hairs are soft, thick and neat, will spring back perfectly after every brushstroke, and they are sealed in aluminium ferrule firmly that won’t come out easily, ensure no bristles are left behind to spoil your work. The short wooden handles with a smooth finish, perfect for greater control over small details.


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