Nylon Wooden Brushes


Clean your brushes immediately after using them, avoid scrubbing while cleaning. Never leave your brushes resting on their heads in the water, solvent, or when drying. Store clean brushes vertically, head-side-up or horizontally.



The multi-purposed paintbrushes are suitable for various kinds of painting – capable of acrylics, watercolours, gouaches, and oil paintings. Perfect for wildlife, botanical, portraiture, paint by numbers, doll, illustrations painting, body, nail and face art painting, model ships, aeroplanes, rock, gesso, ceramic, art and craft paint.

Professional detail paint brushes are designed with durable anti-shedding bristles, anti-rust nickel ferrules, and sturdy wooden handles. The hair is thick and smooth and sealed in aluminium ferrule firmly that won’t come out easily. The short wooden handles with a smooth finish, perfect for greater control over small details. You can use the small paintbrushes to focus on your painting and always be filled with creative ideas.

After using the brush set, it’s very convenient to clean them with warm soapy water and reshape the art brush tips. Air-dry the artist brushes and store them in the carrying container in a tip-top position for a long time of use. Paintbrushes nylon hairs will spring back perfectly after every brushstroke and can be easily clean up with soapy warm water and reshaped with your fingers.


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