Non-Toxic Colored Pencils

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The sleek barrel of these coloured pencils is Spider Black, which adds elegance and a touch of cool to your art supplies.

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The buttery, smooth tips of these coloured pencils practically purr across the page of your favourite adult colouring book or drawing. The soft, wax points lay down colour evenly for beginners to fine artists with very little pressure or friction – even on delicate paper. These pencils are water-soluble and are not meant to be used as watercolours.

These colouring pencils have a wax core which means they blend, shade and layer seamlessly without smudging or strain. The deep, rich pigments result in a creamy, velvet finish and blend beautifully even on black paper.

The soft wax core and tips of these art coloured pencils don’t crumble and break when sharpened or when pressing down to extract darker shades when blending. This means less sharpening is needed, so the tips of your coloured pencils stay sharp longer.


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