Natural Wood Colorful Pencils

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All of the art supplies come inside a fantastic gift case, that looks very deluxe and feels nice to touch. The box opens easily showcasing art supplies, comes with many drawing painting colouring creative tools, perfect as a gift to budding artists, boys, girls, teens, kids, sons, children, grandchildren and nephews ages 4 to 12 for a birthday, holiday, school, Christmas present.


This drawing art supply is pretty fancy with wooden art supplies case, each side reveals many drawing items, pre-sharpened coloured pencils, markers, crayons, watercolour cake – just place the chosen cake in the rectangle palette, put a bit of water on your paintbrush, draw pictures on the notebook using various drawing tools, have painting fun for the kids. Perfect school supplies for teens kindergarten children encourages kids to be creative and artsy.

This art crafts kit packed in a deluxe sturdy wooden art case is really impressive looking and has a lot of great colourings. Each item has a slot that much easier to keep supplies organized. It’s a nice set for starters or even more seasoned armature artists. The art set is perfect for the back seat or a relative’s home, if you are taking a summer camping trip, take an art kit along, drawing painting for hours of entertainment.


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