Metal Spatula For Paint Scraper

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A painting knife is suitable for spreading, scumbling, smoothing, smudging, mixing, pre-mixing paint and more, useful scrapper for watercolour, oil, acrylic painting nail, body, face painting miniature, model, craft, rock painting.

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The handle of the painting knife is made of beech, and the blade is made of flexible stainless steel, which can be bent to different degrees, not easy to rust or corrode.

Just wipe off excess paint after using, easy to clean with soap and warm water. If in oil applications, please use thinner or mineral spirits and do not immerse the blade in solvent or water.

A stainless steel palette knife is comfortable to hold with smooth wood grips, the curved shape can fit well into your hand, and the hole design enables you to hang this palette knife anywhere you want, easy to access anytime.


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