Magnetic Set Of Markers


Commercial quality markers are perfect for all uses: executives, staff, teachers, kids, students on whiteboards, dry erase boards, glass boards, mirrors, fridge whiteboards or dry erase calendars.

8 pen and eraser X28 pen mixedBlack 5 penBlue 5 penBrown 5 penGreen 5 penOrange 5 penPink 5 penPurple 5 penYellow 5 pen


Dry erase markers come with the best non-toxic, low-odour dry-erase ink which makes it safe for all users, even for kids.

Magnetic whiteboard markers have 8 colours. Bright colour ink is easy to dry and wipe, and easy to wash clean when your kids drawing on their hands.

Magnetic pen caps feature a built-in foam eraser and magnet. Stick to the whiteboard or refrigerator and never get lost. The foam eraser is more convenient than an extra eraser.

A set of whiteboard markers are sized perfectly for natural handgrips that allow for comfort to draw and brainstorm for long periods of time.