Lightweight Aluminum Palette


These paint tray palettes for kids are easy to clean, just wash them with clean water and prepare for next use. The watercolour paint palette is reusable, which is very economical and environmentally friendly.

10 Hole Round12 Hole Rectangle6 Hole Rectangle6 Hole Round


The palette is a practical tool, fit for artist, student, or amateur and anyone who like painting. Features a smooth and fine surface, the palette allows you to clean it conveniently and quickly.

The painting set includes pieces of fish mouth paint palettes, which are ideal for children, students, adults or artists to paint or DIY craft and art painting.

Made from high-quality plastic material, the palette is BPA free, sturdy, wear-resistant, harmless to the human body, and can be used for painting with confidence.

This is a creative mouth and hole design painting palette, including 11 small wells, large wells, large central reservoirs, suitable for separating or mixing paint, making it easier for you to paint and DIY art.

  • This colour mixing tray is designed with different shapes, you can use them to mix different colours.
  • It features a flat and smooth bottom, is not easy to drop, provides a good hand feeling.
  • Mainly made of Aluminum material, it is a lightweight, high toughness, not easy to break.


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