Layering Stencils Wall Painting


Can be applied on wood, wall, floor tiles, fabric, and different flats, rounded surfaces. Some of the stencils have dense patterns and some of which are not which satisfies the different position decoration easy to carry out and store.



There are 13 pieces of mandala stencils in different mandala styles, elephant stencil for shirts, boho stencil large, large Dreamcatcher stencils for painting wall, border stencils for painting on wood reusable, feather stencil, woman stencils for painting on canvas and more, sufficient quantity and different styles to meet your daily needs.

Large stencil for wall made of quality PET, using a grinding process to ensure the inside and outside edges are not pointed, safety to you and your kids. These mandala stencils are sturdy and reusable, which can be applied repeatedly after washing.

Reusable stencil can help you to make a variety of DIY crafts in a few minutes, the pattern is printed on the template and you don’t have to spend a lot of time designing and drawing, they can save time and also ensure the quality, people who do not have artistic skills can draw easily.


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