Layering Stencils Painting


Perfect for DIY projects such as school project and drawing tools, Selected patterns, are children love. Spark your child’s imagination and enhance their art with our kids crafts stencil kit.



Plastic stencils are consist of marine life, forest animals, dinosaurs and so on. You will be fond of creating new amazing pictures and have a good imagination and creativity. Feel free to make it bright and colourful as pictured or tone it down- it’s up to you!

Choose the colours you prefer in a paint that is designed for the surface material you are painting. Then simply secure the stencil and create your masterpiece. With stencils and DIY kits, your craft projects will turn out perfect every time. No crafty skills are required.

These stencils are laser cut on official mylar. Plastic like material that is flexible yet extremely durable. Mylar is food safe and will last for many uses if cared for properly. You may use them many times with proper cleaning. Suggest cleaning them after each use with warm soapy water and store dry.


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