Highlighters Promotional Art Markers Fluorescent


These highlighters are perfect for when you need to be more organized when getting information or showing points and processes in different paperwork. It was very helpful to be able to use different colours for specific points of the paper. Quick-drying ink prevents smears and smudges. Highlighter with large ink reservoir for long marking.



Highlighters Assorted Colors, 6 Pastel colours including Pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. water-based and not harmless to health, Very useful school supplies for college students teachers kids adults teen girls and office workers.

Pastel Highlighter for School and Work, Transparent and light coloured highlighters are soft enough to read the information clearly; The Good and firm chisel tip has two lines of width (1 mm and 5 mm), Thicker chisel point (5 mm) to makes it easy to highlight the entire word, the fine underlining (1 mm) is very suitable for drawing lines. Quick-drying ink, no fading, no bleeding and no blurring the handwriting in the book. Short and wide-body have Good hand feeling, Also suitable for left hands.

Typical Cute Highlighters, Do not smear when highlighted on ink pens or Gel pens markings, Perfect for bullet journals, note-taking, school works, calendars, planners, textbooks, teachers who use colour code annotations, college coursework, college students marking school papers. Especially suitable for college students with A LOT of assignments.


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