High Quality Solid Pigment Watercolor Paints

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The highest quality, with an elevated concentration of finely ground top permanence rating and durability pigments, make solid watercolour paints are durable and will not crack. And there’s no chalky or grainy feel to them after they are dry. They are easy to blend colours and dry fast, fading resistant and have excellent fluid.

Black (36 Colors)Blue (36 Colors)Pink (36 Colors)


The watercolour paint set including 36 unique vibrant colours Metallic Colors at your disposal, you can play your imagination and talent more freely, help bring your watercolour paintings to life. Colours are vibrant and rich, fine pigment powder makes them soluble in water easily. With high transparency and create a natural blooming in your painting paper. Easy to blend to create an endless range of colours.

The unique formula is made from the purest colour pigments, Non-toxic, Safe and tasteless (ASTM approved) watercolour paints perfect for art beginners and children. Perfect choice for holiday, birthday, Christmas sending between boys and girls, the best choice for encouraging a passion for kids arts and crafts. Bring this watercolour paint box and come to painting in suburbs on weekends, enjoy a happy parent-child time.



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