Fan Shaped Nylon Brush

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Crafted with rust-resistant aluminium ferrules and Nylon headed bristles, this paintbrush set will spring back after each stroke. Easy to clean with soap and water, then brush hair can be gently reshaped after washing.

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If you’re serious about art, you’ll know an artist is only as good as their tools – paint brushes for acrylic painting come in a whole spectrum of sizes to help you achieve the detail you deserve.

Versatile acrylic paint brushes are actually capable of a whole lot more. Hiding their light under an acrylic bushel, 12 packs can also be used as watercolour paint brushes, oil paint brushes, and even for body and face painting.

Designed with short wooden handles to enable greater dexterity and control over the small details, the smooth, attractive, and elegant stems on brushes for painting are between.



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