Environmentally Friendly Pencil


This everlasting pencil is suitable for children’s drawing, writing diaries, taking notes, making scrapbooks and other art projects, and their handwriting is erasable.

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The body of the no ink pen is metal, strong, not easy to break and has a long service life. The nib is made of metal, which is small and its colour is similar to ordinary pencils, it can write smoothly, and the handwriting is easy to be wiped off with an eraser.

The reason why this metal inkless pen can write without sharpening or ink is that the nib rubs on the paper to decompose the alloy metal molecules and leave them on the surface of the paper. The inkless pen can be applied on most paper, and the handwriting can be retained for a long time, regardless of temperature or weather conditions.

The metal pen tip is rubbed and oxidized with the paper to leave traces similar to a pencil, which is especially suitable for hand notes or sketches.


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