Easy Wooden Brush


The handmade handle is a snug fit to your palm and fingers with a nice finish, comfortable grip feelings. Applied with a high-standard oil-sealing technique, fraking-resistant and anti-oxidation. So you can freely wash your paintbrush after painting.

Creamy-WhiteLight Khaki


Carefully selected by professional artisans, high-grade brush hairs have passed a rigorous testing process with flying colours. High-quality nylon hairs assure you that you can clean the paintbrush effortlessly. And these paintbrush nylon hairs will spring back perfectly after every brushstroke, with no shedding, no stiffness, no hassle.

Made of high-grade metal, adopted the “Triple Oxidation” technique, rust-resistant and corrosion-proof. Perfectly crimped, so no loose ferrules or bristles, a solid connection with the brush handle.

The handles are made of natural and high-grade wood, non-toxic and odourless, hand-polished with a smooth finish, covered with a water-based paint layer, no fracking or chipping concerns. Ergonomic design, comfortable to grip.


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