Double Pencil Sharpener


The outer shell of the pencil sharpener is made of hard and lightweight plastic, and the inner blade is made of high-quality metal. It is suitable for coloured pencils and crayons, and is durable.

Dual Holde BlackDual Holde BlueDual Holde RedSinger Holde BlackSinger Holde BlueSinger Holde GreenSinger Holde OrangeSinger Holde RedSinger Holde RoseresSingle Holde SkyBlue


Convenient to carry or put in a bag, it can be easily carried anywhere. Usually does not hinder you from too much space position.

The sharpener has 2 holes of different sizes, the larger diameter is about 0.47 inches (12 mm), and the other is about 0.32 inches (8 mm). You can choose the right hole to sharpen different pencils.

The pencil sharpener has a transparent shavings container, which can collect shavings, and clean them up in a time when it is full. It does not need to be cleaned every time it is used.