Double Head Highlighter Pen

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Double-tip marker pens have a variety of colours for you to choose from, which can be applied for taking notes, making cards, colouring books, graffiti, comic illustration and more. They are practical supplies in the home, school, office, art department and studio.



There are double-ended highlighters in different colours in the package, including pink, black, red, yellow, purple, brown, etc., bright and soft colours are attractive, you can use different colours of highlighters according to your preferences or needs.

Double-tip highlighter measures in length, the appropriate size is easy to hold and carry. The highlighter has a durable plastic shell and mild waterproof pigment ink inside, which can dry quickly, slide easily and is easy to identify.

Practical pen: fluorescent pastel pen with vivid colour is nice for highlighting and underlining. The round nib can be applied for writing, while the chisel nib is suitable for marking and drawing large areas, bringing you a lot of conveniences.


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