Design Painting Stencils


The shapes are suitable for most pens such as fine point marker, ballpoint, brush pen, bullet pen, watercolour pen, coloured pencils, pencil.

G3 - 1G3 - 10G3 - 11G3 - 12G3 - 13G3 - 2G3 - 3G3 - 4G3 - 5G3 - 6G3 - 7G3 - 8G3 - 9


Square stencils – themed Template measures, fair square, literally and figuratively, suited to apply on windows, wall, wood boards.

Premium quality – the material of the template is PET, nontoxic and odourless, elastic and durable, not limited on the flat surface but also can be used on the arc or curving area. Perfect for a wide variety of occasions. Washable and reusable.

It can be used for pigment painting, stamp, scrapbooking, card making, paper crafting, fabric painting, wall decor, and so on.