Cute Set Of Colored Markers


It has just the right shade to attract your attention but won’t overwhelm you with bright fluorescence. The fluorescence markers use environmental protection ink, safe and harmless.

6 colors


Dual-ended highlighters featured with broad and fine tips for drawing with both thin and thick lines. The Chisel tip measures 1 – 4 mm for broad highlighting. The fine tip measures 2 mm enables to deliver lines for fine underlining. You can quickly switch the tip to improve your efficiency.

The coloured cap design allows you to recognize and identify each colour easily. These pastel highlighters are for the bible, have macaron, classic fluorescent, soft light, retro colour system.

Premium ink drawing on words stay long-lasting and clear without smearing, leaking, fading or bleeding. You can choose with peace of mind.

Ideal for emphasizing key phrases, underlining text, and bible journaling notes. Also suitable for lettering, calendar, school planner, the perfect gift or back to school gift for students.


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