Cute Blue Whale Pencil Sharpener


According to the type of pen you use, select the appropriate size of the hole. Hold the sharpener in the left hand and the pencil in the right hand, and rotate clockwise 3 – 5 times to whittle the pencil with different sharpness according to personal usage habits.

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The pencil sharpener has size working holes for pencils and crayons of large and small diameters. A pencil sharpener can meet your needs in both study and work.

A pencil sharpener is equipped with a protective cover and a transparent container. The protective covers not only prevent young children from sticking their fingers in and injuring themselves but also keep pen shavings from spilling out. The shavings collecting container will keep your desk clean, and a see-through design will tell you clearly to take out the trash or not.

The pencil sharpener adopts a high-quality carbon steel blade, which is not easy to rust. This kind of blade can keep sharp for a long time, making sharpening pencils quick and effortless. The shell is made of high-quality plastic, non-toxic and odourless, transparent and visible, easy to hold when used.


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