Classic Wooden Stapler


Perfect fashion stapler set for kids and adults, coming in bright, pastel, and floral set colours. Never be without a stapler, divide them among family members, rooms, coworkers, or just keep all these amazing staplers for yourself.

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This cute, colourful mini stapler is ideal for use where space is tight. Made of durable high-impact, it’s the perfect solution for your everyday stapling needs.

Comes with all of the accessories to fulfil your stapling needs, with 1000 standard staples for your convenience.

A sturdy mini stapler securely fastens up to 12 sheets of paper. It works best with Swingline standard sized staples, with ¼” long legs.

Sweet little stapler with a short, curvy design and bright blue colour adds fun to any office or classroom. A stand-out mini stapler.

Great for your home, office space, desktop, school, fits easily in your backpack, handbag or briefcase.


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