Cat Claw Solid Glue Stick

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This versatile temporary adhesive was originally formulated for tacking fabric items like appliques and trims onto other fabrics, but it works fantastically on other surfaces too. Try using glass, plastic, wood, metal and even for holding stencils in place while working on a project.

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Versatility on surfaces and temporary-tacking formula makes it the perfect glue for helping you change up clothing with different trims or appliques, or even home décor items and hobby projects with different elements. Give projects a whole new look without the permanent commitment.

Why spend extra on premade glue dots when you can customize your own with. Make glue dots in any size you need by squeezing the glue directly from the bottle onto a non-stick surface like wax paper. Glue dots from this glue are great for scrapbooking, classrooms and making your own stamps with woodblocks.


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