Bear Rotary Pencil Sharpener


Flexible and convenient to use anywhere and easy to carry around. Open the cover of the reservoir to pour out the pencil shavings when finished, not adding too much trouble.



With heavy-duty and durable helical blade, fast sharpening for 5 – 10 seconds and auto-stop working at a perfect point to protect pencil lead and dispose of the broken lead intelligently. Fit for sharpening #2 pencils, coloured pencils, charcoal pencils.

Automatically work when plugging the pencil into the shaving entrance. Auto-stop working if finished or the lid is opened. 8 mm diameters shaving entrance could prevent kids’ fingers from entering to avoid hurting.

Large capacity shavings reservoir can hold a lot of shavings. Scraps will not fall out easily when the top open lid is closed. It could sharpen your pencil over 3,000 times.