Ballpoint Pens with Cute Animals


Rollerball ink flows evenly with clear bold fine lines, no fading or skipping.

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Premium plastic shell with an animal head, the exterior of the animal is fun and fashionable. Retractable, great for creative writing projects. Just press the pen animal head to reset, you can switch one colour to another. Convenient for drawing, writing, focusing etc. Lovely animal style, best gift for students, classmates, bridesmaid, school, home or office supplies, business, Birthday, Christmas, Hallowmas, decoration, stage props, special occasions etc. Enjoyable writing experience with ergonomic and technical design. Desk decorative pens with multifunction fashion style. With a comfortable grip and suitable size cap clip.


  • Size: 16.3 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Writing point: 0.5 mm


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