Acrylic Paint Palette Transparent

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The painter’s palette can be used for watercolour, oil painting, propylene, gouache and other pigments colour mixing. It is ideal for kids, amateurs, craftsmen and professional painters. It is also suitable for makeup parties, school art projects and crafts. Widely used in parties, workshops, art classes or lessons.

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Made of durable acrylic material, which is better than glass, the Blige crystal acrylic palette is reusable, sturdy, clear and not fragile. (Note: Please gently remove the protective film on each side before using this art palette.)

The paint tray in an oval shape, with an oval thumb hole, is lightweight, and both sides of it can be used, suitable for the left-handed and the right-handed. Its hole edge has been polished, which makes the palette comfortable and easy to grasp for a long time. Ideal for studio and field.

The surfaces of this oil paint palette are very smooth, which makes cleaning so easy and quick whether the tray is dry or wet. Instead of keep buying paper palettes or cardboard palettes, just enjoy this acrylic palette. With it, you can wait for paints to dry and just peel them right off the tray easily.


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